Bedclothes are mostly pure cotton. Do you know why?


2022-10-10 11:17

1. Moisture absorption

Excellent moisture absorption. In general, the fibers inside can absorb the moisture in the surrounding air. Its water content is 8% to 10%;, Therefore, when it touches human skin, it feels soft rather than stiff. When the ambient temperature is relatively high, the water contained in the fiber will evaporate, which can maintain the water balance in the fabric and make people feel comfortable.

2. Moisture retention

Cotton fiber is a bad conductor for heat and electricity. Its thermal conductivity is very low, but it has the advantages of high porosity and high elasticity. It can store rich air between fibers. At the same time, air is also a bad conductor of heat and electricity, so the bedding made of pure cotton fiber has very good moisture retention, so people who use it feel warm.

3. Heat resistance

It has excellent heat resistance, no less than 110 ℃ or more pure cotton. The evaporation of water will cause the fabric without damaging the fiber. Therefore, the bedding produced by cotton is durable and easy to wash at room temperature!

4. Hygiene

Cotton fiber is a common natural fiber, which is the main component of cellulose, containing a small amount of waxy substances and nitrogenous pectin. This is why the hospital will use pure cotton cloth, because when pure cotton contacts the skin, it will not have irritation and side effects, and will not harm the human body. So the hygiene of pure cotton bedding can be guaranteed!

5. Skin affinity

Due to the characteristics of cotton fiber itself, it has a soft and delicate feeling, rich texture, and a special warm and soft feeling.

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