Hotel linen management is also an important part of hotel management


2022-10-10 11:18

As the core element of the hotel, the hotel linen must be actively maintained. Good hotel linen maintenance can not only save costs, but also improve the hotel image. Choosing the right linen will greatly improve the customer experience and hotel revenue. What should we do to manage and maintain the linen?

1、 Inventory

On the basis of classifying the linen, a register shall be prepared to register the specific quantity and amount of the linen in detail, and categories of "in warehouse" and "in use" shall be established to make regular inventory of the linen. Regular inventory can not only clearly know the use of linen, but also timely replace damaged linen to avoid defective linen appearing in front of guests, affecting the hotel image, and facilitate the accounting and statistical analysis of managers in the future.


1. The person in charge of the hotel room shall count all the linen every month, replace the unqualified linen in time, and analyze and record the use and damage of the linen.

2. During the inspection, the person in charge of the hotel room should check with the staff responsible for receiving and receiving the room linen, carefully fill in the inventory sheet, and the person in charge and the owner should sign for confirmation.

3. Be responsible for the daily contact with the staff of the hotel linen washing plant, and must count, confirm and record the quantity, type, and degree of the old and new linen cleaned every day.

2、 Management of linen storage room and recycling room

1. The linen room shall not store anything except linen. And doors and curtains must be provided to illuminate the cloth room.

2. The linen in the recycling room must be classified and placed in the recycling bucket or recycling basket. The dry and wet linen must be separated. It must not be placed in direct contact with the ground.

3. The work truck and the linen recycling truck shall be cleaned in time, and it shall not be stacked too high.

3、 Cloth shall be scrapped regularly

1. Procurement, with bottom line and principle. Select a supplier with good reputation and excellent quality.

2. If there is any confusion when it is sent to the washing plant, it must be sorted out in time.

Note: The "three no" hotel linen without labels will seriously affect the image of the hotel and will do great damage to the hotel's sustainable operation.

4、 Washing

1。 Wash according to the standard washing process and select high-quality detergent to avoid harmful effects of detergent on the cloth. Detergents with poor quality or unreasonable proportion will lead to poor washing quality and incomplete cleaning of stains.

2. The transportation process shall be managed in a standardized way, and secondary pollution such as trampling and oil pollution in the washing plant shall be ensured.

3. Select advanced equipment and large washing plant to ensure the washing and ironing effect of the cloth.

4. Place the heavily polluted linen separately, send it to the laundry, and carry out local simple treatment before formal washing to make the heavily polluted parts easier to clean.

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