What do you know about the specifications and dimensions of hotel linen?


2022-10-10 11:19

What do you know about the specifications and dimensions of hotel linen?

On the whole, there are many categories of hotel linen, and the specifications and dimensions of the linen for different purposes are often different. Therefore, it is important for us to know the brand, specifications and dimensions of hotel linen in advance.

While hotel bedding is one of the key points of purchase, it is critical to grasp its basic specifications and dimensions. Generally speaking, the size of the bed skirt should be 200 * 120+25. Too small or too large will affect the beauty of the cover. Therefore, it is better to measure it on the spot when purchasing. It is recommended that the bed skirt be 2-3 cm larger than the bed when it is tightened, and about 2 cm from the floor. The size of the bed cushion is generally 202 * 122, which is the specific scale for use. Considering the shrinkage after washing, the size of the bed cushion should be larger than this data. Usually, the size of 212 * 160 is selected. The size of the comfort cushion is generally 200 * 120+8. The function and position of the comfort cushion and the bed cushion are basically the same, but the padding of the comfort cushion is mostly thick wool, so it will be more comfortable and warm.

When choosing hotel linen and bedding, it is the basic standard to ensure the correctness of specifications and sizes. In addition, the quality of the linen cannot be relaxed. Which hotel linen is better.

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