The secret of the cotton fiber of the hotel linen?


2022-10-10 11:21

When purchasing hotel linen or bedding, most people will pay more attention to the raw materials and manufacturing process used. Most hotels and families will choose cotton products because the products made of cotton are soft and comfortable, sweat absorbing and heat dissipating, and the price is moderate. Generally, we only know that cotton fiber is picked from plant cotton, but in fact, cotton can also be divided into several types.

Cotton can be divided into long staple cotton, fine staple cotton and coarse staple cotton according to the fiber thickness. The length of cotton fiber has a crucial impact on the spinning process and yarn quality. The coarse staple cotton fiber is not easy to be used in the textile production of high count fabrics. Long staple cotton is basically used as the raw material of cloth grass and household textiles for high-end hotels. Because long staple cotton has long fiber length, fine fineness, high maturity and low content of short staple wool, and the yarn that can be spun by long staple cotton is fine, strong, smooth and smooth, long staple cotton has a high position in the cotton fiber and can be used for high count textile fabrics. For high-end hotels, their cloth grass fabrics should at least reach 60 pieces, This has a higher requirement for cotton fiber, but our country's long staple cotton, in addition to the long staple cotton produced in Xinjiang, largely depends on imports.

In addition to the importance of cotton fiber length, the evenness of cotton fiber thickness is also an important indicator to judge the quality of fabrics. The more uniform the fabric quality is, the higher the manufacturing cost will be. Adding long staple cotton to fine staple cotton can improve the evenness of fabrics. While reducing the cost of fabrics, it does not affect the quality of fabrics. How to choose the appropriate brand for hotel linen and bedding.

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