How to maintain silk bedding?


2022-10-10 11:23

How to maintain silk bedding?

The weather is getting colder and colder. It's time to cover the quilt when we sleep at night. In the past, quilts were usually cotton quilts, which kept us warm but would be thicker in winter. Now, quilt fabrics, types and styles are various, and people's preferences have also changed greatly. For example, silk bedding is very warm and light, so it is very popular with consumers in recent years.

Many people buy it, but most people don't know how to use it correctly, care for it properly and clean it scientifically. Therefore, in addition to selecting high-quality silk quilts, we also need to know how to maintain them. Only by doing a good job in the corresponding maintenance, can the service life of silk quilts be increased.

So what are the good use and maintenance methods of silk bedding? What should we pay attention to? Now let's introduce it to you.

1. It shall not be stored in a hot, humid or stuffy place or in a plastic bag. Because in this environment, silk is easy to be affected by moisture and has peculiar smell, which will reduce the effect of heat preservation and ventilation. The silk quilt cannot be heavily pressed and heavy objects cannot be placed on it. This is because it will cause the quilt to become thinner, looser and harder. It is not allowed to put camphor pill chemicals and silk bedding together directly to avoid silk pollution. After being used for a period of time, the silk will appear slightly yellow, and the fluffy degree will also decrease naturally. These are normal phenomena, which will not have a great impact on the quality of silk.

2. The silk quilt core should be covered with a quilt cover when it is used, otherwise the quilt core is easily polluted by dust and stains and cannot be cleaned. Don't press the quilt under it when sleeping, so as to maintain the fluffy feeling of the silk quilt. When children use silk bedding, they should prevent bed wetting and try not to let children run and jump on the mattress.

3. When it is necessary to change, just remove the quilt cover and wash it. Note that cold water washing will not damage the silk protein. The silk quilt core cannot be dry cleaned, washed with water or ironed. If there are stains, you can use a neutral cleaner, wipe them locally, and then dry them in the sun. If the contaminated area is large, it is recommended to take it to a professional dry cleaner and use special liquid medicine for washing.

4. The new silk quilt will have a smell of silkworms, so long as it is blown in a well ventilated place for two days. Note that the silk quilt should not be exposed to the sun for a long time. It is better to take it out to dry for about two hours every half month to prevent the quilt from getting damp or getting moldy. After each drying, you can gently pat the quilt with your hands, which can effectively keep the feeling of fluffy.

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