Classification and characteristics of hotel room bedding products


2022-10-10 11:24

Suites, master suites or deluxe suites. Many hotels do not know how to match the room bedding corresponding to the room grade when choosing the hotel room linen, while manufacturers or distributors are afraid of trouble and mostly adopt the same type of room linen standard. Such a standard can not completely reflect the difference of wine at the room level, nor can it reflect the level of software products between standard rooms and high-end rooms. This will inevitably become a lack of humanized software products and services in hotels.

The main components of hotel bedding are roughly divided into these categories. For example, there are 10 categories, including bed sheet, quilt cover, pillow case, quilt core, pillow core, protective pad, bed tail pad (also known as bed qi), bed skirt (whether the ratio is determined according to the bed type), cushion cover and cushion core. If it is a star rated hotel, it is necessary to consider the provision of comfort pads (usually down, the main feature is to increase the softness and comfort of the bed surface).

The bed sheet, quilt cover and pillow cover are four piece sets for short. The goal of the hotel's bedroom bedding is to give users a reassuring and high-quality sleep experience. As a close fitting bedding, the four piece set is characterized by pure cotton and health. The quilt core, pillow core, protective pad and cushion core are cotton core products. The product features of this category are relatively diversified. Because the functions of these types of products are not very uniform. But there is something in common: comfort. Therefore, the selection of cotton core bedding should also be based on the star level of the hotel. Because the grade of cotton core products is very different from that of the four piece set, which means that you can get what you pay for. The three kinds of bedding, including bed end mat, bed skirt and cushion cover, are collectively referred to as decorative linen. As the name implies, the main feature of decorative cloth is to play a decorative role. Most of the hotel decorative cloth design is determined according to the main color of the hotel room decoration. The content of hotel decorative linen is also very rich. As far as Shurun is concerned, there are hundreds of patterns of hotel decorative linen that we independently design or produce, and there is always one suitable for you.

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Tribute silk also called satin is a fabric waved with a complex process. It is a combed fabric with the density of 173*153. The warp and the weft interweave once at least every three yarns. Featuring high quality, it is supplied to the emperor as a “tribute”, so it is named tribute silk.

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