How to reduce the use cost of hotel linen


2022-10-10 11:25

Many hotel linens are good, but more and more linens are washed off and poorly maintained, which is particularly critical, and the cost is not low. How to control the hotel cost? Let's take a look at the specific methods:

1. Maintenance problems

Equipment and linen are two critical assets, so it is particularly important to maximize performance during their service life. How to protect the equipment and linen is listed below. Some questions: Is the equipment maintained regularly? Are there sharp corners in the washing wheels and rollers of washing machines and drying machines? Is it appropriate to iron the ironing pad? Is the detergent formulation suitable for the type of cloth and dirt to be cleaned? Is the slot checked regularly? Is the cloth used improperly? The average quantity of flax is yes or no. Is that enough? Is the cart clean and without sharp corners?

Frequently pay attention to these problems, find out the crux of the problem, and take solutions that can unexpectedly prolong the life of the cloth.

2. Washing cost control

The cost of washing can be divided into 9, and the specific data may vary slightly due to different countries. Cost classification: 4% of labor cost for production, 19% of flax renewal, 12% of equipment, 8% of depreciation, 8% of fringe benefits, 6% of maintenance, 3% of detergent chemicals, 2% of management expenditure, and 2% of overall supply; A total of 100 percent.

For the scientific statistics and analysis of money laundering, those costs can be lower and those costs can be increased. They have done a good job in financial analysis and regularly reported to relevant departments.

3. Order Item Processing Steps

Flax inventory should be checked quarterly to record the history of the following phenomena and understand their development direction: discard; Unexplainable losses;

4. When the inventory quantity was inaccurate, the unexplained loss showed 2:33360, and the thief was moved. For the inventory that is not allowed, it is possible to restock. If the quantity is definitely accurate, it indicates that there is a safety problem in. The main purpose of inventory records is to record the history files of 1 to understand the development trend. This inventory is used for the following:

What is the problem, so that we can take appropriate measures to correct the error, solve the problem and obtain greater profits; Ensure adequate average supply to avoid dissatisfaction, and employees do not have enough tools to work and affect morale.

5. Fabric purchase

Ask each supplier to sample a certain number of bed sheets, bath towels, medium tablecloths and napkins, and then weigh them; For the final decision to purchase the product, consider: shrinkage texture; Product feel style; Reduce weight; Fiber ballpoint pen appears; Therefore, no matter what you buy, you should not only pay attention to the price, but also depend on the ultimate goal of becoming a real hotel profit.

In a word, please remember the following words: the management of linen needs to be loved - care, protection, control; People in need - planning and preparation for purchase.

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